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Human beings need one another.  We need the support and friendship of others, and we also need the support and friendship of our Maker.  Unless our relationships with other people and with God are strong and happy this life becomes a sad experience.  For many people today this is what has happened.  Look at the crime, family breakdown, drug abuse and mental illness.  All these things bring home to us the lack of direction and meaning in many lives.  We need someone to show us how to live at peace with ourselves, other people, and God.   IS THERE AN ANSWER?

For 2000 years millions have been finding the answer in JESUS.  Is that a name which means anything to you? Do you think you know what the word stands for?  Many people today, especially amongst the young, are  finding that this word which they easily dismissed as boring to be full of meaning.  It is capable of giving their lives a new and wonderful dimension.

So what's in this name?  What does it stand for?  Who is this Jesus?

He lived in Roman occupied Palestine 2000 years ago.  He gathered round him a small band of disciples and opened up for them a new way of living.  He showed them what human beings are really capable of.

But the majority of the people rejected him, and he was hounded to a painful death on a cross.  Not a very nice story perhaps.  Not unless you realise that Jesus was sent into this world by a God who ached to show men and women his love.  More than that, Jesus was not just God's messenger, or even the greatest of the prophets, he was God's own Son.  Hard to believe.  But true!  Jesus was God himself, walking and talking and healing and teaching.

But he died.  True, he did.  But that wasn't the end.  Three days later he was seen alive again.  He was living proof of the power of God over evil and death

How can I find Jesus?  How can I find this new way of living?

The first followers had their ups and downs, but they stuck together.  Urged on by the Spirit of Jesus they grew from being a tiny handful to a vast body of people who changed the world, stretching over every continent.  As they grew they never lost the sense that they were a family centred on Jesus.  Today, through his Spirit, Jesus can offer us what he offered to those people of Palestine 2000 years ago - affection, security, peace, and a new depth of meaning to life and a new way of living.

If you really want to find Jesus it is to this family of Jesus you must go.  Over the years Christians have made mistakes and even today they are not always the open attractive community they should be.  But the Church is where you will find the Spirit of Jesus living today.  You can read about Jesus in the Bible, perhaps beginning at Mark's Gospel.  You can come to Jesus - or rather he will come to you, if you thoughtfully open the door to him:  confessing your sins, thanking Jesus for dying on the cross, and asking him to come into your life as your Friend and Saviour.

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